Friday, February 15, 2008

Deal Breakers

The panel formed by City Council Democrats to review the City Hall deal continues to do important stuff. You remember the panel recently conducted an Important Tour of City Hall. Wow, visiting City Hall, what a concept. Which, judging by some of the time and attendance records for some Democrat council appointees, may not be a bad idea as a get-acquainted move with the building.

But now the panel has moved on to other Important Things. Things like inventing new ways to try and blow up the $3 million City Hall deal. As if it weren't bad enough they are delaying the deal, Council Democrats are now reviewing new ways to sabotage the agreement. They contend that because the deal was not put out to bid that the city may be able to stay in City Hall as the building falls down. Awesome.

Is there are secret bidder who wants to pay more for City Hall, but has been left out in the cold? Ken Zalewski and the panel should bring that person forward immediately, except for the fact that they don't exist. Which makes the whole bid notion somewhat irrelevant.

The panel has done enough to wreck what would be a real win for Troy taxpayers. They've delayed the review of City Hall, injected politics into the process and now, are cracking the books to find other ways to trash the agreement. If the deal goes south, the Council Dems have some 'splaining to do.