Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Ghost of City Hall

That's the nickname bestowed on Bobby Martiniano, an assistant to the Democrat City Council who, according to City Hall observers, has trouble making it to work. Why? Because he's already got a state job on the taxpayer's dime, making it tough to make it in to work during business hours to perform his other job on the city taxpayer's dime. Complaints about operation of the office continue to pile up. So much for the openness and effectiveness promised to use by the Dunne-o-crat Council majority.

Spitzer Crack Tax

We almost wonder if someone is playing a practical joke when we come across these articles. But it's no joke, just a governor hellbent on making his second year worse than his first.

Democrat Integrity

The ethically-challenged had some trouble counting votes received by Barack Obama in the Super Tuesday primary in New York City. Wonder if Democrats had any trouble counting in Rensselaer, Albany or Schenectady counties. Also, get set to get screwed at the convention, Obama supporters!