Monday, February 18, 2008

Hope and Fear

There's something missing from the internet (besides Kirsten Gillibrand's tax returns). The websites of Obama supporters in the Capital District are entirely devoid of photographs of their deeds. Back in 2004, you could hardly go three clicks without seeing apicture of smiling Howard Dean supporters. But not today. Where are the pictures of smiling phonebankers? Where are the group shots with people donning their Obama gear? It turns out that Rensselaer County isn't the only place where Obama supporters are fearful of consequences from above. We hear that the hammer has been dropped in Albany County as well.

All of this is coming at a time when Obama supporters should be hopeful, not afraid. The latest poll out of Texas shows that Obama and Hillary are in a statistical tie, with the momentum clearly on Obama's side. With Obama set to win Wisconsin, he could be set to take a page from Eliot Spitzer's book and steamroll Hillary in both Texas and Ohio.