Monday, January 07, 2008

$3 Million Dollar Men

As the Bill Dunne Democratic Majority of the Troy City Council prepares to jump off the legal abyss and dole out “punishment” to certain city employees, we should ask this question: Have you ever paid someone to lose $3 million?

The Dunne-o-crats apparently are ready to do just that. At the infamous organizational meeting on January 3 when Council Democrats were confronted with the civil rights-defying “punishment” e-mail, they also voted to allocate $10,000 for the hiring of an organization to look into the sale of the decaying City Hall to Judge Development.

The City Hall sale would have netted the city roughly $3 million. Plus, the property would have been put back on the tax rolls, meaning additional revenue for years to come. The Dunne-o-crats are desperate to take the luster off of the deal to bang up Mayor Tutunjian, hence their decision to stall the deal. Which raises a few questions:

-    What happens if or when Judge Development bail on the city?
-    What info do the Dunne-o-crats have to suggest that a better deal is in the offing?
-    The Dunne-o-crats claim the deal should have been more open. Can they show us anyone who tried to make an offer and was rebuffed?
-    Do they believe City Hall is in need of millions in repairs?
-    Where does the city get the money to make the repairs?
-    What exactly is the Dunne-o-crat Council’s end-game here? What exactly do they expect to accomplish?

The “punishment” e-mail was costly politically. But the City Hall deal could be a real whopper for Troy taxpayers.

They may be punishing political enemies by reducing their salary. But blowing up the City Hall deal only punishes the taxpayers.