Sunday, January 06, 2008


That's the phrase observers of Troy politics are using to describe the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping STUPID move by Bully Bill Dunne to single out several Troy city employees for "punishment" in an explosive e-mail made public. The outing of the Dunne e-mail led to a tumultuous organizational meeting on January 3 as Council members were reminded that such "punishment" may be a violation of the Civil Rights of the employees.

Not that Bully Bill has learned his lesson. He is pushing the Council's Democratic majority to continue going 100mph down a dead-end street, and seeking to have the "punishment" approved by a Finance Committee on Monday to allow for a special meeting on Tuesday.

We don't know what's dumber: Singling out city employees who may have disagreed with you politically for "punishment" in an e-mail or scheduling a special meeting to deliver the "punishment". Especially with threats of a lawsuit from some of the city employees hanging in the air, and the possibility more e-mails will be surfacing. Punishmentgate may be here to stay as the damage to new Dem majority only gets worse.

In the meantime, vote in the poll below on exactly who leaked the Dunne "punishment" e-mail. Bully Bill has already threatened to "punish" the leaker, so his Dem colleagues should beware. Thanks for the heavy turnout so far in the poll.

We'll have more tomorrow, and give our take – as promised – on the City Hall deal blockers.