Tuesday, January 08, 2008

All Dunne?

The Dunne-o-crats huffed and puffed and said they would convene a Finance Committee meeting Monday night to approve the "punishment" reductions in salary for several city employees. So, they met, and, despite all the threats, there was no "punishment" handed out.

The Finance meeting Monday came after DPW Commish and County Legislator Bob Mirch joined with respected City Comptroller Deb Witkowski to demand that Bully Bill Dunne release other e-mails threatening "punishment" of city employees who may have opposed Dunne and other Democrats politically. The original e-mail by Dunne setting in motion "punishment"
of city employees touched off Punishmentgate on January 3 and has severely damaged the credibility of the new Council Democratic majority in just one week.

The actions of Mirch and Witkowski may have meant the Dunne-o-crats didn't have the votes they needed to lower the salaries of the town employees. Maybe they have had it with Dunne's nutty attempts at revenge. Or, maybe the Dunne-o-crats simply decided to do the right thing. If that's the case, bravo. But we have our worries.

Dunne continued with his bizarre and troubling behavior and threatened – on camera, during an interview with Channel 10 – to fire Mirch. Shameful, Bully Bill, shameful.

More on the Bully Bill Blow-up tomorrow, and details of more sweetheart deals by Council Dems.