Monday, December 17, 2007

Corruption Conundrum

The latest meeting of the grand jury ever-so slowly probing the alleged shakedown of financial contributions from County Board of Elections employees by Dem Boss Tom Wade fell short of a quorum, which means no testimony was taken. Boss Tom was all set to make a second appearance, along with what was described to us as a major county political figure on the Democratic side.

The postponement effectively means that DA-elect Rich McNally will get the politically explosive issue handed over to him when he takes office January 1. While many eyebrows have been raised around the Court House over McNally’s decision to allow a number of experienced top prosecutors leave office, McNally seems determined to be known as an independent and tough prosecutor. All that means his decision on the Wade case, which includes testimony and evidence already submitted by BOE employees, according to newspaper reports, will be particularly telling.

Orders from Above

No word on who will be filling several key jobs at Troy City Hall for the incoming Dem majority. That may be because of orders from Big Boss Wade and Little Boss LaPosta, who have told council members to zip it and not discuss the appointments. That means the public, press and other interested parties don’t get a peek at who will be filling some important positions. Wonder what the secrecy is for?