Sunday, December 09, 2007

Return Engagement

This Wednesday should mark the return of Dem Boss Tom Wade in front of the grand jury investigating the alleged shakedown by Wade of several employees at the county Board of Elections. Those who allegedly were shaken down in 2006 include several female employees. We’ve previewed this before, but for various reasons, the grand jury appearances were postponed. But we are hearing from Dems that Dec. 12 is the date, with other appearances expected.

Panel Problems?

Members of the Troy Council Dems announced they would be “fulfilling” a campaign promise by forming a panel to review the proposed sale of City Hall.

Outgoing Council President Hank Bauer had some good points last week in a story in The Record. Namely, the panel has no objective, no end date, no specific reason for forming and meeting and no destination. Kind of strange when $3 million is at stake.

Record City Editor

Speaking of The Record, congratulations to longtime political reporter Jim Franco on his appointment as City Editor. Franco knows Troy, Rensselaer County and beyond and during his few weeks on the job, the content of the paper and their website have improved substantially. Good luck, Jim.