Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You May Already Be a Winner...or a Candidate!

Some lucky residents get informed they are Publisher’s Clearinghouse winners. Others hit the lottery. Some find true love.

One North Greenbush woman really hit it big. She got the surprise of her life last week – she’s running for North Greenbush Town Council!

The lucky lady was the winner of a contest sponsored by those dream makers, Dan Ashley, CB Smith and Mark Premo, who is also Highway Superintendent when he’s not making wishes come true. They went out and collected signatures on nominating petitions – without her knowledge or agreement – and secured a place for her on the ballot! Congratulations, Mrs. Albarelli!

Some people spend years working for the chance to run for office. But the NGB Dream Team of Ashley, Smith and Premo made it all come true for Mrs. Albarelli – all without her knowledge, agreement or involvement. Way to go guys!

Mrs. Albarelli now moves on to the next phase of the contest. To show her appreciation, she’s filed an affidavit, stating that the Dream Team, Ashley, Smith and Premo committed fraud by circulating the petition without her knowledge. That means some special prizes for Premo, possibly misconduct by a public official, and possible loss of a notary license by Ashley and Smith! And maybe more court action to follow!

We would have told Ms. Albarelli to take her case to Town Attorney Josh Sabo. But Josh is busy – running for Supervisor on the Working Families line! Congratulations, Josh!

Who says that dreams can’t come true in North Greenbush?