Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Silent Majority?

There are bombshells and then there is the political explosion detonated by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s report on the surveillance of Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno at the orders of Governor Spitzer’s administration.

Spitzer rode in to Albany on a promise of reform. That all was trashed within the 53-page report by AG Cuomo which is strongly recommended reading. And the report raises more questions, and those questions may very well be answered by a legislative investigation.

What’s curious is just how few are rushing to the defense of the Steamroller.

The silence of the Assembly Dem majority is stunning. Senate Dems are nowhere to be seen. The state Dem party, Senators Schumer and Clinton, you name it, no one is coming to the aid of the governor.

Sometimes, it’s not what they are saying that speaks loudest. What are Dems telling Spitzer by not saying anything?