Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Non-Disclosure Disclosure

The whispers about the alleged shakedown of Rensselaer County Board of Elections employees by Democratic boss Tom Wade continue. The whispers may grow louder after review of the July 15 financial disclosure report the county Democratic committee is required to file.

You may remember that former BOE employee Archie Robinson said he was ordered to pay a percentage of his salary to the Democratic party on the orders of Boss Wade. So were Dem Elections Commissioner Ed McDonough Jr. and several others who work at the BOE. The demand by Boss Wade for the contributions came in late 2006 and the employees all paid up at or near the end of the year.

That meant that the contributions were listed on the January 15, 2007 financial disclosure report. All, that is, except for McDonough and Robinson’s contributions. They’re still missing.

Not only were McDonough and Robinson’s contributions omitted from the January 15 filing, they were also omitted from the July 15 filing. Check out the state Board of Elections website for verification.

This raises some important questions. Why are the McDonough and Robinson contributions missing? Are they deliberately not being included in the financial disclosure reports? And at whose orders? Remember, disclosure of the contributions is required by law. And the answers as to where they are and why they were not disclosed may be coming soon.