Monday, July 23, 2007

Bylaw Blowout:
Jeff Spain 1, Tom Wade 0.

Tom Wade’s push to gain even more control over the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee by increasing his involvement in appointments to vacant committee positions was challenged in court by North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Jeff Spain last week. A few days after the challenge, Wade backed down with a whimper.

A big win for Spain and a big embarrassment for Wade.

Spain’s legal action claimed that Wade had failed to properly notify committee members of the bylaw change. Wade’s quick capitulation raises questions as to whether Wade was caught trying to blow one by members of his committee.

Maybe that question will be on the minds of committee members when Wade calls a meeting to try – for a second time – to get the bylaw changes passed. In the spirit of legislative branding, we’ll call it Tom’s Law.

No word on whether any committee members appointed by Wade will be required to pay their 2 percent “assessment” up front or if they can drop off a check or money order during the Christmas holiday. Just consider union dues, folks.