Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Predators Pardoned

Monday’s New York Post carried an exclusive about how dangerous sex offenders have been put back on the streets, presumably on the orders of the Spitzer administration.

The problem of paroled sex offenders is a real one across the state, but particularly in upstate, where many offenders convicted in other areas have come to settle. The presence of the sex offenders means more worry for families, more of a drain on resources for local governments and more work for police. Former Governor Pataki had kept 125 offenders who were still dangerous behind bars, but in 2007, at least 44 of that number are out on the streets. Not good news.

What’s just as troubling is the quote from the spokesman at the state Division of Criminal Justice Services: “Hopefully, we’re not releasing people who should be confined”.

Hopefully “hopefully” isn’t the guiding principle of our state’s new parole policy with regard to dangerous predators.