Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This week, we look back to June 11, 2002: the newly-liberated nation of Afghanistan was convening its new government, American Idol was premiering on FOX and Wayne Foy was calling for Jim Conroy to be fired for his role in the HUD loan scandal.
TROY - Members of the Republican-led City Council are asking that Deputy Mayor James Conroy be fired, based on the findings of a federal Housing and Urban Development report made public late last week.

Councilmen Frank LaPosta, C-at-large, and Independent Wayne Foy, District 2, both said, in light of the letter from HUD saying pertinent information was withheld in an application for HUD funds, Mayor Mark Pattison needs to cut ties with his deputy.

Conroy has been at the center of a controversy since his brother, Stephen, received a $27,500 grant from HUD for a house he co-owned with his siblings.

"I feel the letter was an obvious outcome to this whole situation, and this never should have happened," LaPosta said.

"The deputy mayor was warned four years ago when this came up that several council members believed it was unethical and should not be done. ... This is a defining moment for the administration. I think the mayor should act swiftly and fire the deputy mayor to show the citizens of Troy that this type of situation will not be tolerated."

Foy pointed out that several investigations, both by HUD and attorney Richard Hanft, have been completed, and both found wrongdoing on Conroy's part. When asked if he agreed with LaPosta, Foy said he did.

"I feel the mayor should do the right thing and ask for the resignation of the deputy mayor," Foy said.

"If he resigns, that would end this thing once and for all."
To Mr. Foy's credit, a full two years prior John Kerry, he was for keeping Jim Conroy out of city hall before he was against it.