Sunday, June 17, 2007

Capt. Tom

In 1954’s the Caine Mutiny, Capt. Queeg rants and rants, ordering a search of a Navy destroyer for a missing quart of strawberries. Rensselaer County Democrats have to feel like their boss, Tom Wade, is becoming their Capt. Queeg.

At a county party meeting last week, Wade’s focus was less on winning elections and more on, well, Tom Wade. Wade ordered a secret and surprise vote, following a motion by his lieutenant, Sue Steele, that puts the screws to each and every town chairman in the party.

The motion – and in the spirit of the legislative branding by our state legislators, we’ll call it Tom’s Law – completely takes away the ability of Dem town party chairs to nominate their own choice for a vacancy on their town committee. Tom’s Law says Boss Tom must approve, and can reject, the choice. Tom’s Law, Tom’s Choice.

Why is this important? Simple. Wade barely won election as chair and clearly is more focused on saving his own butt instead of moving his party ahead. Wade’s paranoia over his tenuous hold as party boss is shown by his bizarre decision earlier this year to appoint Dan Ashley and CB Smith to the North Greenbush Democratic Committee after both were trounced for re-election as committee members. Showing good taste, the new Dem leadership in the NGB battle zone threw them off weeks later.

Many in the Dem ranks are confused as to why their party is waging such a costly and damaging battle on itself. Dem town chairs across the county, including ones in Schodack, NGB and Schaghticoke are steaming about Tom’s Law. Wade has already made it clear that he’s gunning for some town chairs. Watch your back guys – and keep an eye on the strawberries.

Truth Conquers All in NGB

From the battlegrounds of NGB comes what we believe is a homegrown, grassroots blog, Vincit Omnia Vertias – Truth Conquers All. Check it out at

Thankfully, we didn’t have to take Latin, or whatever confusing language the blog is titled after, but the writing style on the blog is refreshing and gives a perspective on what life is like for residents with a Dem majority that has produced what is probably the most dysfunctional local government in the history of Rensselaer County.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A link to North Greenbush Vertias has been added on the right margin.