Monday, June 11, 2007

Trouble at Large

Four years ago, Wayne Foy was a loud and proud GOP elected official. But after losing his bid for re-election in Troy Council District 2, Wayne moved over to the Dems. Supposedly, Wayne felt he was among friends in the Dem gang.

Friendly enough, that Foy announced his plans to run for City Council At-Large in 2007. But the decision of the Working Families bunch to back Marge DerGurahian for Council At-Large instead of Foy has started some grumbling among Foy supporters.

And some of the grumbling is directed at Dem boss Tom Wade. It is well known that Wade has sizable influence and control over WF nominations in Troy, so why Foy got dumped is troubling Foy and others in Dem world.

The loss of the nomination is a slap at Foy, and possibly, a sign that his welcome to the party really isn’t so welcome after all. It also shows the huge leadership troubles at the top ranks of the Dems are starting to infect their City Council ticket.