Friday, May 04, 2007

Spitzer Slammed by Dems

In the State Capitol, they’re throwing words like hypocrite, inconsistent and heavy-handed at the man on the second floor. They’re saying Governor Spitzer is trying to have it both ways on campaign finance.

Not necessarily big news, except that the “they” who are criticizing the Gov are Assembly Democrats.

On one day, Spitzer called for “reforming” the campaign finance system. The next day, his team was caught asking potential donors to bundle donations by raising between $25,000 to $1 million. In return, they would get special access to the governor, like invites to barbecues, birthdays and other bashes at the Mansion on Eagle Street. Nevermind, the Mansion is public property. The day after that, Spitzer was out in California on a fundraising mission, all while the Legislature was in session.

Early in the year, Spitzer called out members of the Democrat Assembly after they snubbed his choice for state comptroller and installed one of their own, Tom DiNapoli, as the state’s top fiscal watchdog. Now, it’s payback time for Shelly’s gang, according to the New York Post:

“In simple terms, you can’t have it both ways,” Democrat Assemblyman Bill Parment.

Democrat Assemblyman Michael Benjamin said Spitzer would “be the first to blast” a state lawmaker for leaving town during session to grab campaign cash. “It sends the wrong message,” said Benjamin.

“I think there’s an inconsistency; leadership means leading by example,” Democrat Assemblyman Jack McEneny.

Even some sniping from the usually Spitzer-friendly Democratic Senate Minority:

“The governor has a p.r. problem on this. He made a mistake,” Senator Liz Kruger, Democrat from Manhattan.