Friday, May 04, 2007

Gordon a Goner?

The Democrats in the State Assembly put up a non-binding resolution asking for troops to be out of Iraq. All the Dems were supposed to fall in line, but 108th District Assemblyman Tim Gordon went his own way, voting NO on the resolution. According to the buzz around the Capitol and other blogs, Shelly and the gang have supposedly had enough of Gordon’s antics and want another nominee, preferably from Bethlehem to take Timmy’s spot in ’08. After all, they dropped about $350,000 to snatch the seat for Gordon.

Gordon said he would be independent if elected, but scattershot would be a better description. He was going to be a Spitzer reformer, but wasted no time burning that bridge, voting against Spitzer’s choice for state comptroller. And then there was last week’s wackiness, with Gordon supporting a death penalty measure after taking the endorsement of an anti-death penalty group and a $500 campaign contribution. To paraphrase John Kerry, Gordon voted to kill a man just after he voted to save him. Strange behavior, even by the normally strange standards of the State Capitol.

Gordon narrowly won his seat in ’06 during one of the weakest years for the GOP, spending a record amount in the district. So the hand-wringing and nomination snatching said to be now going on makes sense.