Monday, April 30, 2007

A New Record for Hypocrisy

Just when you thought you had seen everything in political hypocrisy, along comes Assemblyman Tim Gordon.

When he was running for office in 2006, Timbo snuggled up to New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty. According to sources, he met with members of the anti-death penalty group on at least one occasion, stated his opposition to the death penalty and got a nice $500 campaign contribution for his troubles.

That was then, this is now. After the tragic shooting death of a State Trooper last week, Gordon jumped on the bandwagon, rushing to pledge to sponsor a bill to ensure the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a police officer. And Gordon said he had never solicited the contribution.

It’s just the latest flip-flop for the freshman Assemblyman.

Last year, Gordon pledged to be part of the reform movement. He said he would be the one “independent” in the State Legislature, answerable only to the people. He included Eliot Spitzer in most of his campaign literature, riding Spitzer’s coattails to victory. But just after he was sworn-in, Gordon showed his true colors. He has voted with Shelly Silver virtually every time. When it came time to select a State Comptroller, Gordon voted against Spitzer’s choice and went for Silver’s guy, Tom DiNapoli.

Gordon’s no independent, as has been revealed by his vote on the comptroller. His vote on the death penalty shows his conscience may be lacking.

Frances Sandiford of the Mid-Hudson Chapter of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty, said it best about Gordon’s capital punishment flip-flop: “It’s not right.”