Saturday, April 07, 2007


Maybe you’ve heard the one about the well-paid political appointee who used public property for political purposes.

DPW Commish Bobby Mirch? Nope, County Legislature Democrat chief of staff Susan Steele.

Steele was seen taking photographs of a staff member in the Republican County Legislature majority office at the February 13 meeting of the County Legislature. That photograph ended up on a political flyer paid for by Legislator Kevin Harrington, one of Steele’s bosses in the minority.

Lamely, Steele, Minority Leader Virginia O’Brien and Harrington, a close ally of CB Smith, say the flyer wasn’t political. Not so, says the Board of Elections. The flyer is 100%, Grade A political material.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Steele has trouble owning up to her misdeeds. In 2003, she was arrested for driving drunk and leaving the scene after hitting a bus. Some example you set, Sue!

We can just hear Steele, as instructor of Political Photography 101: "Smile! Can you say misuse of public resources? Click! Give me that corrupt pose. Pretend you’re riding a bus and see me driving up."

Stories have already run in the Record and on the Times Union website. Don’t think this one will go away anytime soon. Look for more to come on Steelegate, plus, a good dose of hypocrisy from the Dems.