Monday, April 02, 2007

No Room at the Inn

Think the Democrats are the party of inclusion and tolerance? Guess again, at least in Rensselaer County.

One hopeful, already elected in Troy, was told he could not run for mayor because he, well, has a less traditional life-style. The party leaders did ask him to allow for his name to remain in the mix, to make it look as if the candidate-starved party, has choices for City Hall’s top spot. But the hopeful announced to the press last week that he was not running, his slap back at the county boss and city chair who told him his candidacy was a no-go.

Pleading the Fifth

Word on the street is Dem big-shots have also decided against backing a longtime resident for a City Council seat in Troy because he also been out-front about his sexuality. They’ve decided to back a kid who has yet to unpack his moving boxes, angering some activists who believe their party should do as it preaches.

Strong Arms, Weak Brains

What would-be political boss has ordered a party attorney to send a letter to federal authorities, hoping to head off a probe into some strong-arm tactics? Some Dem appointees are all abuzz, saying they’ve been told by their hated boss to keep quiet if anyone comes a knocking. Obstruction of justice, anyone? Don’t worry, inner-circle Dems are talking – loudly - as well as scratching their heads that anyone could be so stupid. Stay tuned, because this could be a whopper.