Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ginny's Graft Grab

House for Sale, Troy
2-Family, near downtown.
Needs work, junk cleared.
Comes with political juice.
Democrat Minority Leader Ginny O’Brien was quick to grab a headline and call for an investigation into something or other. But Ginny forgot to take out the trash herself.

Actually, Ginny wanted Bob Mirch to take out her trash, all to help benefit her pocketbook.

As a real estate agent, Ginny apparently isn’t shy about using her political connections. She is the listed agent for a Troy house owned by former Troy Democratic Chairman Robert Gregor. She had some concerns about trash in a house next door. That’s when she called Bob Mirch.

According to the Times Union, O’Brien pretended she was calling on behalf of a constituent. But O’Brien doesn’t represent the Collar City, which led Mirch to ask a few more questions. Maybe questions like, “Who do you think you’re foolin’, Ginny?”

Mirch got suspicious and finally O’Brien admitted she wanted trash to be picked up to help her sell her political buddy’s house. A good deal for Ginny, but not such a good deal for Troy taxpayers. Mirch said “No way” to the request for free trash collection.

Mirch has also asked for a special prosecutor to review the case, and is awaiting a response.