Saturday, April 07, 2007

One, Two, Three...Yer Out!

The phones are probably ringing off the hook at any law firms connected to Rensselaer County Democrats. On Friday, District Attorney DeAngelis asked for the appointment of special prosecutors to investigate three cases of alleged fraud and corruption by Democrats.

The special prosecutor request is likely to stun the Democratic party, which now has no candidate for Troy mayor, no candidate for District Attorney and no candidate for Sheriff. Add the shortage of candidates for Troy City Council and an unpopular Democratic Chairman, Tom Wade, to the mix and you have a party in disarray.

Worse, for Democrats, is that this is all likely to get worse. Other requests for the appointment of special prosecutor for other incidences of wrongdoing by Democrats are coming soon, according to GOP sources.

Some Democrats are becoming increasingly worried about the corruption allegations. The last time a Democrat was governor, the leadership of the Rensselaer County Democratic Party was being hauled into federal court because of an insurance co-brokering scheme that cost county taxpayers about $700,000. Now, the dark shadow is back over the party, with allegations piling up every day and court appearances possibly to follow.

The requests for a special prosecutor are for the following areas:
  • An investigation into actions by Susan Steele, who used took a photograph of a Republican legislative staff member on county time, later using the photograph in a political mailing by Democrat Legislator Kevin Harrington. The request seeks an investigation into Steele’s actions and the possibility that she was forced by Harrington to take the photograph while on county time. STRIKE ONE!
  • An investigation into a request by Minority Leader Ginny O’Brien to have Troy Department of Public Works crews collect trash from a Troy residence next to a property, owned, incidentally by former Troy City Democratic Chairman Robert Gregor, O’Brien was trying to sell as a real estate agent. The request states that O’Brien may have misrepresented her request as a constituent request, and that she may have been trying to utilize taxpayer–funded resources to benefit her personally. STRIKE TWO!
  • An investigation into actions by Troy City Councilman Clem Campana, including misuse of taxpayer resources while conducting his duties as councilman. STRIKE THREE!
Stay tuned next week. Like we said: more to come.