Monday, April 09, 2007


What sign-happy Democratic town chairman is on the outside looking in because of his less than traditional lifestyle? Known as one of the harder workers in his party, the town boss may be close to getting replaced because county big shots don’t like his orientation. He’s steamed, because with a Dem governor in power, he thought he would be getting a little more respect.

The treatment of the town boss fits a pattern, revealed here last week, of county Dem bosses have no room at the inn for some members of their party based on their sexuality. They elbowed out a candidate for Troy mayor and are trying to box out a council candidate from waging a primary because of their lifestyle, despite professing an open door policy and a platform of tolerance and inclusion.


Oh, what a difference a primary makes. Two of the flag wavers for CB Smith in North Greenbush, Councilman Rich Fennelly and Highway Super Mark Premo, are scrambling after their opponents in the town Democratic committee primaries seized control. They’re so nervous, they have had their lieutenants reach out to the GOP to see if there’s any interest in backing them for re-election this fall. Does their own party know they are crawling under the wire? And do CB and Boss Dan know?

Premo supposedly wants a four-year term for highway super, and has been talking to anyone who will listen – even people whose firing from town jobs in 2006 he supported – in the hope of keeping his chances for a nomination alive. Complicating things for CB’s guy is the fact that he campaigned hard against a slate of candidates for town Conservative committee, only to see all his allies go down to defeat.


Where have we heard this one before? The CB Smith majority on the North Greenbush Town Board voted to authorize a lawsuit against the Rensselaer County Civil Service Commission. Not sure about all the details, but CB’s allies on the board are apparently upset because the Commission wants them to follow the law.