Monday, April 02, 2007

Blah, Budget, Blah

What happened to reform? When is Day One? The reviews are in, and Governor Steamroller’s handling of his first budget is seen as a flop.

The governor promised something to just about everyone, but less than 100 days into office, we haven’t seen reform, haven’t seen the sweeping change we were promised and we’re just kind of confused. Word is the guv hasn’t been at the Eagle Street Mansion much, meaning another promise has been cast aside.

Thank our stars the Senate majority and Joe Bruno restored some sanity to the process. Bruno was judged to be the winner in the budget battle, and the consensus is that the Spitz picked too many fights, too early.

The Times Union’s Fred LeBrun, Sunday, April 1:

“Could it be the bearings in Spitzer’s steamroller have seized? Or maybe it’s that bonfire piled high with ‘On Day One, Everything Changes’ bumper stickers and posters. This first budget has turned out to be a disaster for the brash, the bold, the progressive governor. Much of what he predicted wouldn’t happen did. Much of what he said he could get done he didn’t.”