Monday, April 30, 2007

Memorable Misdeeds from the Past

Each week, we’ll take a trip down memory lane, remembering those special or not so special moments involving some of the political powers that be in our area.

This week, the City Hall Campaign Caper of 2000

It was early 2000, and Dems in Troy City Hall were excited about Bill Bradley’s campaign for President. So excited, that they turned City Hall into a campaign headquarters for Bradley. The Troy Record, Saturday, February 19:

“In an apparent violation of the traditionally accepted separation of government and politics, the work number of City Hall officials was listed as a point of contact for an organizational event to be held here to support Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley.

According to an e-mail sent by the Bradley camp to county residents who voluntarily gave their address while visiting Bradley’s web site, an organizational meeting was slated for Tuesday at Mahr’s Place, a tavern in South Troy.

To RSVP, however, the e-mail requested that the caller ask for Ron Foley, chief of staff of Mayor Mark Pattison, at the mayor’s office in Troy City Hall.

Derek Tarsay, an upstate field organizer for the Bradley camp, took responsibility for putting Foley’s work number on the invitation, and has since sent an electronic correction.

However, when Bill Lambdin, a reporter for Channel 13, called City Hall and asked about the Bradley event, a secretary readily gave him the necessary information from her station in the mayor’s office.

He also had three other employees call the number asking about the Bradley gathering. The secretary complied with two of the requests by offering the information while on city time and using city equipment.”

Unbelievably, then-Mayor Mark Pattison defended Foley, even after he was presented with evidence from Channel 13 and other local media. Pattison’s deputy? None other than this year’s Democrat candidate for Troy mayor, “Jimmy” Conroy!

Next week, Who Put that Bus There?