Monday, April 09, 2007

Last Man Standing

These are dark days around the Rensselaer County Democratic headquarters.

Late last week, the District Attorney requested that three special prosecutors be appointed to investigate allegations of Democratic fraud and corruption.

They don’t have a candidate for Sheriff. No one is excited about their candidate for District Attorney, and in all probability, are heading for a showdown or bruising intra-party fight. They have a shortage of candidates for Troy City Council. The party’s spokesman and chief strategist, CB Smith, can’t even win a committee seat in North Greenbush.

Wait. It just got worse. That’s right. Even worse.

Jim Conroy may be running for mayor. Yup, that Jim Conroy. Think about it, who do the Dems have left?

The man who worked overtime to dismantle term limits. The HUD scandal. The lack of direction in city government for eight years. Higher taxes. It goes on and on.

Fearless Frank LaPosta offered his thoughts to the Times Union:

“Jimmy Conroy is interested. He knows politics. He knows how to run a city,” said LaPosta.

Does Frank think that by calling him “Jimmy” he’s given Conroy an image make-over?