Monday, April 09, 2007

Not Made By Wade

Tim Nugent ran for District Attorney in 2001. He ran a decent campaign, and represented the Democratic party to the best of his ability. A former prosecutor, he has a law practice in southern Rensselaer County and does municipal work in that area. He’s also recently done some defense work in County Court.

Tim Nugent probably won’t be getting the Democratic nomination. That’s because Dem boss Tom Wade doesn’t like him.

Wade has made it clear he’s backing Rich McNally. McNally is more qualified, the boss tells his troops. McNally has got a better chance of winning.

The rank and file Dems don’t know that Nugent won’t get Wade’s support because of a simple reason: Nugent didn’t support Wade for county chair last fall.

So that’s what it comes down to for the Democrats: Politics, not prosecutors, take priority.

Nugent, however, is said to be rounding up supporters in the Democrat committee to make a move for the nomination. Get ready for some bruising, crunching stuff.