Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dunne with Conroy

Hearing that Bill Dunne is one Democrat council candidate in Troy who is none too happy with Tom Wade’s and Frank LaPosta’s selection of Jim “Jimmy” Conroy for mayor. Dunne was telling anyone who would listen – reporters, fellow Dems, even some GOPers – that Conroy will “drag” the entire Dem city ticket down and down hard.

Dunne wasn’t saying it, but he’s obviously recognizing the huge ethical trauma Conroy will inflict on the Dem ticket: HUDgate, Joe Buchanan skating away with several hundred thousand dollars of city dollars during Conroy’s time at City Hall, the Salerni and Boyd fiasco and his hatred of term limits. And that’s just the short list.

If Dunne is worried, imagine what that means for the Troy Dem team. Dunne runs in one of the more secure districts. But Conroy will be a drag at the top of the ticket, there are three requests from the District Attorney to investigate Democrat misdeeds and the party is fighting an internal battle because a sitting county legislator and a hopeful for a council seat were told they could not run for office because they are gay. The Dem’s top pick for mayor, Joe Riley, got out of the race so quick nobody really got a good look at him.

Added to all the above is the fact the Dems don’t have a full team for City Council in Troy, a candidate for Sheriff and a strong choice for District Attorney. Dems like Dunne are realizing it’s getting tough to put a good face on a party that’s cracking up fast.