Friday, April 13, 2007

Triple Threat

Three requests to investigate instances of wrongdoing or misuse of public resources by Democrats have been turned over to Albany County District Attorney David Soares. The neighboring DA has been asked to look into an allegation that Democrat Minority office employee Susan Steele improperly took photographs that were used in a political mailer; improper use of Hudson Valley Community College telephones by Councilman Clem Campana; and an attempt by Democrat County Legislature Minority Leader Ginny O’Brien to improperly have city crews remove trash from a private residence to benefit a real estate deal she was trying to make.

But Dems are getting nervous about other shoes set to drop. And some of the shoes deal with party money, campaign contributions and abuse of power. With a special prosecutor like DA Soares on the scene, more ethical trouble is not what the party needs.

And some Dems are openly wondering about the credibility of Colleen Regan, who has made three different sets of accusations against GOP officials with varying dates, times and facts. Some of the Regan allegations touch on conduct some high-ranking Dems themselves are guilty of, making for some nervous discussions in Dem headquarters and the County Legislature Minority Office. Dems also believe Regan has embarrassed herself during her appearances in the media and it is known that she believes she will be receiving a well-paying state job for agreeing to make the charges. Regan was run out of office as Sand Lake supervisor following attacks by Dems there on her credibility and competence. And now she is becoming the new face of the Rensselaer County Democratic Party.