Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gordon's Independence

Oh, Election Day seems so far away. Can you remember the television and radio ads by Tim Gordon, who stated he would be the one independent if elected to the State Assembly. Gordon said he would work with Eliot Spitzer to reform Albany and he and the future gov were in a lot of expensive and glossy pieces of campaign literature.

Mr. Independent became just another insider, bucking the gov to vote for Tom DiNapoli – just like Shelly Silver wanted.

Gordon shot himself in both feet Feb. 7. He was revealed as a fraud to the voters of the 108th Assembly District and he pissed off the man who swept him into office. Let’s see how “independent” Gordon is on civil confinement for sex offenders and other issues popular with New Yorkers but yet to receive the go-ahead from Shelly.

Until we get those answers, Gordon owes the voters of the 108th an apology. In the meantime, I'd list him as target number one for Spitzer's "better candidate" efforts next fall [CC].