Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day One...and everything's stranger

We all know that Eliot Spitzer got swept into office on his promises to reform Albany. But does reform have to be so, well, angry?

It’s early January and Spitzer has already made major enemies out of the ladies and gentlemen who occupy the expensive seats in the State Legislature. They showed their love for the gov by rejecting his suggestions on a direction for the pick for a new State Comptroller and picked Tom DiNapoli, an Assemblyman from Long Island.

Spitzer doesn’t seem concerned. In fact, he called out all the members of the Legislature who supported DiNapoli, questioning their “integrity”, stating his “disappointment” and talking about “consequences”.

Tough-talking Eliot is mapping out a strange course for reform. He’s declared war on the State Senate Republican majority by plucking Mike Balboni from their ranks and jacking up $3 million to buy Craig Johnson the Balboni seat on Long Island. And now he and Shelly have collided.

We’ve never seen a governor who has pissed off this many legislators this early. And we’ve never seen a governor get handed such a big loss, like Spitzer just did with the selection of DiNapoli, this quickly.