Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spitzer Spyware Suit Stoop

Governor-wannabe Eliot Spitzer told a brave stand this week, announcing a lawsuit against manufacturers of annoying spyware computer programs. Spyware helps produce those pop-up ads that are about as welcome as mosquitoes at a picnic.

Thank heavens we have an Attorney General willing to take such a brave stand. What profiles in courage! Taking on the spyware gang must have come about only after some long hours of soul-searching by Eliot and his crew.

The crusading doesn’t end with spyware. Eliot and his protectors of the public trust will be hard-charging against other threats to our safety and security right up to the last minutes of ’06. In fact, we have learned AG Eliot is likely to also bravely go after the following:

- The manufacturers of those annoying newspaper flyers that fall out of your paper and litter your floor

- The makers of subscription cards that fall out of your magazine, and, yes, also litter your floor

- Annoying neighbors

- Rain or snow on a weekend

- Meteorologists, especially those who fail to predict rain or snow on a weekend

- Infomercials

- Dr. Phil

In the meantime, Eliot’s brave crusade against pop-up ads has left him short on time. So short, that he yet to announce any major platforms or ideas about what he will do for New York State if elected governor. He has especially been quiet on what he will do to revitalize the state’s economy, including upstate.

Hey, look at it this way: At least when you are on-line, looking for a job in another state,
there won’t be any pop-up ads. That’s progress.

Posted April 5, 2006