Monday, April 03, 2006

Thursday Night Fights

You know, we’d rather not keep writing about CB Smith and the Democrats now in command in North Greenbush. But it’s like the proverbial car wreck that you can’t help but look at. Only in this case, CB and his Dem buddies are the equivalent of a thirty-care pile-up during rush hour.

The Thursday, March 30 Town Board workshop meeting was just the latest wreck. The Dems, who hold all five seats on the board, can’t decide exactly who is in charge. Oh, sure, voters may have elected Mark Evers as supervisor – the same Mark Evers who now wishes CB had been a stowaway in one of those boxes grabbed by the former town attorney and is desperate to bounce CB and Town Attorney and DANA counsel Josh Sabo from the town payroll – but CB has other ideas. He and Sabo – both never elected to anything by NGB voters – have overruled Evers on a number of decisions. Decisions on things like who is included on the payroll, which employees get to keep their jobs, who does what in terms of services, and what items get put on the agenda for the Town Board meetings.

You can see why NGB Dems are desperate to get rid of CB and Sabo, and why they have been holding meetings recently to discuss how to cure the CB-Sabo sickness. The Dems know CB and Sabo are getting a lot of people mad and amount to a two-headed wrecking crew for their party.

Why should this worry you, Mr. and Mrs. North Greenbush? Because so far, the one-two punch of CB and Sabo has done the genius move of improperly getting rid of about one dozen town employees – meaning the town is liable for as much as $200,000 in additional expenses and lawsuits, said one town official. And so far, the chaos at the town meetings has been far worse than anything during the Bob Ashe days. And it’s only early April.

Supposedly, CB and Sabo want to fire some more employees, namely a couple that missed the axe in January. One of those fired in January is getting a lawsuit ready, and others are believed to be following suit. The March 30 meeting showed the craziness is only continuing and only getting worse.