Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Nominee from the Wet Bar

Three years after calling for John Sweeney to be disemboweled for his appearance at a fraternity party, the Democrats have set a new record for poor candidate selection with James Gilpatric, a Kingston City Court judge best known for his 2004 attempt to preside over court while intoxicated.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct summed it up nicely in their ruling.
Respondent has acknowledged that, while under the influence of alcohol, he appeared in court as an attorney and, later that same day, took the bench but was unable to continue to preside because of his impaired condition. Litigants and the public can have little faith in the decisions and judgment of a judge who appears in court while under the influence of alcohol.
Under ordinary circumstances, Gilpatric's irresponsible behavior might not have been fodder for his opponents. But in the wake of the faux outrage from Democrats about former Congressman Sweeney, Judge Juiced has a long 5 weeks ahead of him.