Wednesday, September 02, 2009

LaPosta in the Lead

Some prominent Democrats in Troy are taking note of a strong campaign by popular insurgent Frank LaPosta for the Democratic nod for County Legislature – and also commenting on the chaos in the ranks among other Democratic candidates in Troy.

LaPosta is putting together an aggressive campaign with some well-organized materials and getting a good response across Troy. From his work as city chairman, LaPosta has a good network of activists ready to do his work during the crucial two weeks leading up to the Democratic legislative primary in Troy.

After being ignored by controversial Democrat County Chairman in candidate selections, LaPosta is seen as having a strong chance of winning the nomination. His chances were aided with the draw for ballot positions for the primary, with Third District incumbent and Wade legislative pick Peter Ryan drawing the 8th position. Democrats are skeptical Ryan can overcome the bad draw for ballot position.

In the meantime, other Democrat candidates for Legislature look disorganized and are running separate, and often divisive campaigns, for the nomination. The lack of teamwork is apparent, and the bullet votes will be flying in the September 15 primary. In addition, Democrat legislative candidates in Troy are forced to spend precious resources on a primary, at a time when they lag far behind the GOP in fundraising.

LaPosta's momentum accompanies concerns by some Democrats about Wade's choice for Family Court Judge, Richard Hanft. Hanft was picked by Wade and then appointed by Governor Paterson, whose poll numbers continue to decline. Throughout August, Hanft's campaign was seen as weaker than former Troy Councilwoman Beth Walsh and East Greenbush attorney Geri Pomerantz.

Another round of primary embarrassments could be tough for Wade to deal with, considering he has failed to field candidates for County Executive or County Clerk. Last year, Wade saw his selection for State Senate, Brian Premo, go down in flames in Rensselaer County to a candidate from Saratoga County. It seems more embarrassments may be on hand for Wade.