Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sick Bay

With the abuse they are taking across the country, Democrats are definitely going to need some form of national health care real soon. The controversy over nationalized medicine has led to big drops in President Obama’s approval ratings and big trouble for Democrats in general.

The controversy will also apparently drag down some local Democratic candidates who are backing Obamacare and putting party ahead of the people.

A case in point is the “Town Hall” meeting held by new Congressman Scott Murphy in Nassau. Later this week, we’ll reveal how the “Town Hall” was really organized by local Democrats with almost no notice to the public and really intended to be a rally for Murphy and Democrats. Judging by how the health care issue is playing out, Democrats may wish they did not get an invite to the Murphy event.

Lining up to support Murphy were Democrat legislative candidate’s, including incumbent Flora Fasoldt, newcomer Linda Underwood and Stephentown’s own Norm Young. Young, you’ll remember, is dealing with revelations that he is not even a resident of the legislative district he is a running in.

As if the Young residency controversy was not enough, the Democrat legislative team lined up with Murphy for a photo following the event in support of nationalized health care. Big smiles on all the candidates, but they were probably relieved to be able to avoid a big crowd of Obamacare opponents, thanks to the deliberate scant public notice for the event.

It makes you wonder why Democrats like Fasoldt, Underwood and Stephentown resident Young would decide to sign on to support a troubled health care proposal that almost no one – lefties, righties and just plain folks – do not seem to like. But with no candidate for County Executive, no candidate for County Clerk and a huge gap in fundraising, Democrats have probably also given up on the legislative races and now are rushing to the aid of their president as he free falls through the polls.

Stay tuned later this week for more on the Nassau “Town Hall”.