Monday, August 10, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

A Democrat candidate for County Legislature has apparently been caught living outside the legislative district where he is a candidate, handing the GOP a big issue in legislative races.

An article in Sunday's editions of The Record laid out the facts regarding Democrat Norman Young's residency. A candidate in District 4, which includes the towns of Schodack, Sand Lake and Nassau, there is string of proof that Young is a resident of Stephentown, which is outside the district.

The Record article detailed that Young owns property at 315 Garfield Road in Stephentown. You don't need to believe Republicans that Young lives in Stephentown, because Young himself declared he lives at the Stephentown address in a real estate filing earlier this year.

Even worse for Young and Democrats is the fact that Nassau Democrats held a fundraiser in 2007. The fundraiser invite apparently announced the event was being held at Young's "home". That's right, Young's home.

Judging from the story and the facts, Young should brush up on his alibi. Young claims that still resides in Nassau, even though his family lives in the next town over. Sure, Norm. Young provides no proof to back up claim or to counter information included in the article.

The damaging revelations about Young are sure to hurt one of his running mates, Flora Fasoldt. Fasoldt is already weakened by a string of needless fights and attacks she carried out in Sand Lake, and now she has to contend with a running mate who quite probably doesn't even live in the district he is seeking to represent.

Democrats have been bemoaning the fact their legislative team is weak, disorganized and under-funded. Getting caught having a candidate who doesn't live in the district where they are running is not likely to help matters.