Thursday, July 02, 2009

Strength to Strength

The signs that this will be a big year for local Republicans are becoming more and more evident. Last week, Troy legislative candidate John Mahoney, endorsed by Republicans, decided to withdraw from the race.

Mahoney is a good guy and has worked hard to revitalize sections of the city. Already elected to the City Council, Mahoney was acknowledged as tough to beat, especially given the weak slate put up by Democrats in the city.

So Mahoney's sudden departure would cause problems for any political organization. Yet within 24 hours, the GOP had picked another strong candidate, united the party behind the candidate and gotten an announcement sent to the media.

The candidate, John Mainello, is a lifelong Troy resident, known and respected throughout the city and considered strong addition to the already strong GOP ticket in Troy for County Legislature. Led by Chairman Neil Kelleher, the ticket includes Kay Vandenburgh, incumbent Jim Brearton, Metroland cover star Bobby Mirch, Mainello and incumbent Mike Picarillo.

The strength of that ticket is only amplified by the damaging primary being waged by Democrats in Troy over legislative seats, with that primary caused by county Boss Tom Wade's mean-spirited antics. And without a candidate for County Executive or County Clerk, Democrats can expect even more trouble.

Word on the street is that popular City Chairman Frank LaPosta and his ally Dan Doran have collected a significant number of signatures to support their primary for Legislature.