Friday, June 26, 2009

Mirch Makes Metroland

Leave it to popular public servant Bobby Mirch to win over the gang at Metroland, who featured the Garbageman on the cover of their June 25 edition. The cover story on Mirch was the hot topic throughout the city and gives him a big boost in his already well-funded campaign for re-election.

The cover-story only enhances Mirch's status as political powerhouse but also touches on his ability to get the job done for the people of Troy. Whether you need a pothole fixed, trash removed or streetlights repaired, Mirch is the man to call.

But even better for Mirch is who attacks him in the news article, with defeated Troy mayoral candidate Jim Conroy somewhat ineffectively leading the charge against the DPW chief. Conroy spun a tangled web about Mirch closing a house of prostitution but failing to follow the proper procedure or protocol.

Which led to what may end up being the quote of the year from the Mirchman.

"Big Jimbo told you that?" Mirch asks. "He's making that story up. That's totally insane. The only prostitute in Troy at the time was Jim Conroy."

If anything, the article shows Conroy and fellow Democrats are still drinking the funny juice, attacking Mirch for his opposition to an exhibit that depicted a terrorist assassination of the president. The proof is in the ballot, however, and despite the strong words against Mirch, Democrats are fielding an historically weak ticket for County Legislature and have even failed to attract a candidate for County Executive.