Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friendly Fire

Last week, we told you about the elements of the Democratic Party that are targeting Deputy Minority Leader Keith Hammond for defeat in November. Monday brought further proof that Democrats are looking to erase Hammond.

On Monday, some Democrats forwarded information regarding popular legislative candidate Kay Biski Vandenburgh. Democrats were hoping to derail Vandenburgh's expected appointment tonight to the Legislature, and tried to raise an issue regarding back taxes owed by her husband on a business he owns solely. The attack backfired, with Republicans correctly labeling the attack as sexist and unfair to a professional woman. What really caused the attack to backfire was the information GOP operatives handed out to reporters, revealing a family member of Hammond owed nearly $50,000 in back taxes.

What is curious is the timing of the attack. If the GOP had such a juicy nugget about the Hammond family's inability to pay taxes, wouldn't they have released it earlier? One Democrat was heard openly musing whether the back tax info was given to the GOP on Monday, knowing Republicans would use the information to defend against the weak attack on Vandenburgh. After all, it wouldn't be the first time a Democratic "attack" on Republicans was really a ruse to bring out negative information on Hammond. Last week, a group of Democrat candidates attacked a legislative pay raise. The only candidate on either side in District 2 who accepted a pay raise? You guessed right - it was Keith Hammond.

Democrats in District 2 are worried about a bruising primary for Legislature against one of the best tickets ever assembled by the GOP, including candidates Leon Fiacco, Phil Danaher, Lou Desso and Michael Cristo. Democrats have big problems because of the spiraling debt by Democrats in Washington and skyrocketing taxes by Democrats in Albany. The proof that Democrats are dealing out Hammond and setting him up for elimination in the primary is growing clearer.