Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gillibrand Goes; Joe Gets Grabbed

The year 2009 has already produced its share of excitement, with two big stories. The first, the three years in the making indictment of former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. One thing we count on federal indictments is for some bombshells, but this one is kind of ho-hum. The case seems to center around technicalities rather than any of the hilarious cash grab schemes seen in the Blagojevich case. And it is hardly the shocking case of corruption seen in the conviction of Democrat boss Eddie McDonough.

Democrats will try to kick this around but will come up short. No other Republican was snared in the Bruno indictment, meaning any mess will be limited to Joe. Plus, many view the Bruno thing as political.

Democrats are probably reacting with mixed feelings about Gillibrand's selection as Senator. Gillibrand occupied some prime GOP turf in the 20th CD. Losing her as a local voice may hurt Dems and who knows how long she has on the big stage. Calling herself a centrist means she is way out of touch with down state liberals who run her party. Governor Paterson badly bumbled the selection process and may see Gillibrand bounced in a primary.