Monday, September 08, 2008

Primary Pile-up

Primaries, primaries, primaries everywhere on Tuesday, with most contests centering around battles between Democrats hoping to move up the political ladder. A look around:

21st Congressional District

There’s the bruiser in the 21st Congressional District with about 47 Democrat candidates still in the running. The race mostly centers around the Brooks-Tonko-Steck troika, with Darius Shahinfar bringing up the rear. Brooks has positioned herself to the left and as a pro-woman advocate, Steck has positioned himself even further to the left and Tonka is basically sitting back and watching Brooks and Steck split the Albany County vote, leaving Schenectady and Montgomery to Tonka. Although Tonka can also count on the powerful Mike Breslin endorsement to some extent, although Breslin hedged by only identifying himself as “Mike B” in the Tonko TV ad.

Our prediction: Tonko

Dem demolition fun: Tracey Brooks’ boyfriend getting caught stealing Steck signs in Colonie is a classic.

43rd Senate District

The primary that will probably leave the most blood on the walls is the one between Tom Wade’s handpicked candidate Brian Premo and Saratoga’s Mike Russo. While Premo got the early endorsement before Joe Bruno exited, Russo hasn’t let his late arrival stop him from quietly securing crucial support in the district and a lot of momentum among the grassroots folks.

Our prediction: Russo

Dem demolition fun: Our spies tell us Boss Wade has a Premo sign on his lawn while his former co-chair M. Lynne Mahoney has a Russo sign on hers. Is there a leadership battle brewing?

North Greenbush Dems

The Civil War was a funfest compared to the never-ending battles between Democrats in North Greenbush. Two years ago, anyone who had come within three feet of CB Smith got trounced in primaries for the NGB Democratic committee. Even CB got pounded running for election in his own neighborhood. CB is back at it with some of the same old same old faces running against the successful Jeff Spain Democrats. Our spies tell us the CB gang spends most of their campaign time telling skeptical Dems they have nothing to do with CB.

Our prediction: Spain’s team regains control

Dem demolition fun: Despite living in NGB all his life, CB had to go all the way across town to find an election district where he has a hope of winning.