Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dust-up in Denver?

It’s June and the Democrats are still trying to decide who won the presidential nomination. And by the looks of it, it could be weeks until the deal is done.

The contentiousness from a weekend Rules meeting for the Democrat National Committee could mean trouble, especially when the Dem convention is held later this summer in Denver. The anger from Clinton supporters towards Obama and party leaders supporting Obama is real and could only get more intense.

Democrats are quick to point out that voters are pissed off with the GOP, because of the war, the economy, gas prices, etc. True enough. But enough voters know about those issues, and still, polls showing surprising strength for McCain. What does that mean for Dems like Gillibrand this fall?

Dems have had the opportunity to stream roll the GOP, but have seen their momentum blown by a death-match for their party’s presidential nomination. If a party can’t govern itself, how can they govern the nation?