Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting Dunked

The bad press continues to pile up around Troy Council Democrat John Brown and his ill-fated attempt to give away two-thirds of the money owed to Troy by Rensselaer for water services, all to benefit some Democrat buddies. Last week, Brown got subpoenaed to explain the secret discussions he was involved in with Rensselaer Mayor Dwyer to settle the $3 million debt – all before Brown ever took office.

Today's Talespin in the Record, written by James Franco, got it right, taking a dim view of Brown's actions:
"Tutunjian and company subpoenaed Councilman John Brown, D-At Large, in the lawsuit they filed to collect the multi-million water debt owed by the city of Rensselaer.
We are with the administration on this one. Settling for anything less than the full amount being paid immediately is ludicrous. It just doesn't make sense to enter into a long-term payment agreement, like Brown and others on the council are advocating for, when Rensselaer has somewhat less than a stellar record of paying its bills. Better to let a judge rule on this one."