Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Raising the Truth

So, the gift that keeps on giving, also known as the Troy Council Democrats, screwed up the pay raise issue. They tried to lower the salaries of several city employees, sent e-mails around proclaiming the reductions as “punishment”, violated the city charter and possibly the rights of some employees, watched as the Tutunjian administration filed a lawsuit and then threw up the white flag just hours later.

But what’s worth looking at it is the claim by Council Dems that they were going to provide a savings to taxpayers by reducing the raises given to the several employees. Whacking the raises would save $40,000.

But if money or raises were at the root of why the Dems went after the raises, consider this:
  • Council Democrats approved $20,000 for legal fees to defend the reduction of the raises.
  • Council Democrats claim the public should have had the opportunity to comment on the raises as part of the budget process. But then Democrats voted to give $5,000 to a defeated Democrat council candidate.
  • Council Democrats found $10,000 to hire an aide who has been the subject of letters and speculation on the street about the lack of posted office hours at City Hall. Word is the Dem staffer doesn’t put in nearly as much time as his GOP predecessor.
  • We heard talk of funding for a new part-time job in the Council majority. More details to come.
  • It wasn’t about money. It was about revenge!
More to come later this week. Meanwhile, a good take on the issue in Monday’s Talespin in The Record.