Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Make Him Stop

New Governor David Paterson seems like a nice guy. At least in the chambers of the State Capitol, which is as close to a political shark tank as you can get.

But the new Gov has got to stop with the confessions. We've already heard that he had a girlfriend when he and his wife had problems. Then he changed it to several girlfriends. This week, he's giving details about drug use. Supposedly when he was really young, like two or three decades ago. What's next? Late library books? Cheating on his taxes? Not fulfilling his obligations with the Columbia Record Club after getting ten records for a penny? Cutting the tags off his mattress?

Message to Governor Paterson: Stop it already. New York's image is already banged up thanks to the black sock wearing, prostitute buying, Steamrollin' Spitzer love machine. There are enough real problems facing New York – deficits, a bad economy, a younger generation packed up and ready to leave before they get out of college – and we don't need state government turning into the equivalent of a weepy Barbara Walters interview.