Sunday, January 13, 2008

Was it John Brown?

What we said for Ken Zalewski goes double for John Brown. He's younger than Zalewski, has already won office citywide and we hear he's already looking to raise money for 2009. Brown is the classic example of a politician in a hurry. John Brown wants to be mayor, and in his eyes, Bill Dunne can't amount to more than just a goofy looking speedbump on the way to City Hall. Given that he hasn't really impressed voters with his ideas, like that half-baked rant about banning two family houses, Brown needs all the attention he can get. That means he can't afford to have Bill Dunne stealing the spotlight every time the Democrat majority announces an event at Prospect Park or comments on its pick for dogcatcher.

In Brown's eyes, like the eyes of plenty of other Troy Dems, Dunne's had his day. The Democrat leadership has passed over him consistently for race after race for the same reason that John Brown wouldn't have had any problems deep sixing him.

[NOTE: Poll results will be posted early Monday morning]