Saturday, January 12, 2008

Was it Chappy?

There seems to be a curse on the council presidency: no one has been re-elected to it in over a decade. If Chappy wants to break that trend, he can't afford to have a liability like Bully Bill Dunne shooting his mouth off. Chappy has under 22 months to prove he can get along with the mayor while delivering for the city, something that gets much more difficult if you have Bill Dunne going Ahab on every Republican who's ever whispered about his dismissal from the Dormitory Authority.

Leading an effective council against a Republican mayor is no easy task, and Chappy can't afford to have someone as "special" as Dunne running around. We say "special" because for someone to count as "dangerous", they have to be smart enough not to advocate illegal behavior in writing. Chappy also has the luxury of knowing that even if Dunne were to get removed from the council, indicted, tarred and feathered, Chappy will still have a working majority on the council and a significantly better chance to get his agenda through (and break the curse).