Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Secret

With the clock ticking away on the last few hours of 2007, there is still no official word on who will be appointed by Democrats to several plum patronage jobs in the Troy City Council office.

Word is leaking out that at least one of the unsuccessful Democrat candidates for Council, Vic DeBonis, will be getting a job. DeBonis’ job will be to serve as counsel to Democrats on the Council, and the rumor is that he will be getting a significant bump in pay just after the New Year.

The surprise raise for the majority counsel seems strange, given the supposed opposition by Dems to a raise for the mayor. Was their concern over the raise just a smokescreen for a series of surprises raises for their appointees?

While the rumors are swirling on who gets what jobs, three GOP appointees were told they were losing their jobs just 48 hours before Christmas.